In which cases is it better to use the different freight forwarding services?

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At Key Logistics we offer different freight forwarding services, consider in which cases you can access or take each of them.

When to use the different freight transportation services.

Ground freight forwarding service

Road freight transport is one of the most widely used means of transporting goods in the world. It is fundamental to a country’s economy as it transports goods and allows an easier and more affordable exchange between suppliers.
In addition to this, Julian Sarabia, Container and Multimodal Transport Operation Analyst at Key Logistics Colombia, clarifies that this type of transport allows to open doors with different customers looking for logistics solutions for the delivery of goods in the warehouse of the corporate client and the final consumer.

In which cases is it better to use it?

  • Speed
    Management and speed in the delivery of goods, since ground transportation allows delivery at different times of the day any day of the week.
  • Accessibility
    The land transportation service allows accessibility to reach different parts of the country and border areas to deliver all types of cargo.
  • Flexibility
    The ground transportation service allows for flexibility in the dispatch of goods and door-to-door services.
  • Adaptability
    When you need to move hazardous, heavy or highly complex materials: This service is ideal for transporting them due to its easy adaptability and handling.

Air freight service

There are several reasons and characteristics that make the airplane the ideal means of transporting goods that have allowed this industry to grow in recent years, as well as factors that should be taken into account when using it.

In which cases is it better to use it?

  • Security
    When you need to transport fragile goods. The method of travel and security of an airplane allows your most fragile goods to be transported without fear of damage or damage in transit.
  • Agility
    When you need agility to ship or transport goods by air, the procedures are simpler thanks to access to the technological interface designed for this logistics sector.
  • Speed
    When you need to transport goods to different parts of the planet in a short time: The wide network of air connections in the world allows your goods to reach the requested place in a reduced time.
  • Connectivity
    When you need immediate availability of international transportation: The growth of the aviation industry has allowed to increase the number of frequencies and flights to transport cargo to different parts of the world without having to wait long to get it.

In which cases is it better to use it?

  • Storage
    When your company needs to move large quantities of products: The storage size of the vessels allows this transport capacity to be larger compared to others.
  • Costs
    When you need to transport more for less: Freight with this means of transportation is less expensive, thus, this means is optimal for moving goods over long distances, due to the existing relationship between costs and ample cargo capacity.
  • Scope
    When you need to transport goods to any part of the planet: It can be said that the scope of maritime transport on the planet is total, since goods can be transported to any continent with the deadlines already established between suppliers and customers.
  • Versatility
    When you need to transport any type of merchandise: The wide variety of existing vessels makes it versatile to transport from one place to another products and articles of any size, shape, specialty and characteristics.