International moves

KMOVING by Key Logistics Group is a comprehensive solution for international moving. If you are going to start a new life… move your home and heart. We offer you the key to your international moving solution.

Passion for moving

Passionate about international moves Key Logistics Group has a highly qualified and committed team to advise you on every need our clients may have when moving their home to another country.

We are experts in every procedure and document required for your relocation from start to finish. Contact us now and get a quote to start planning your move.

Door-to-door service

We offer full service door-to-door moving services including insurance, packing, regulatory compliance and pet transportation.

We will take care of all the necessary documentation between countries for the transfer of your belongings from home to home, no matter the distance, we have tailor-made solutions to make you feel at ease and worry free.

Specialized suppliers

We offer you a  value proposition

We are experts in international freight forwarding and have launched a special line for moving. Years of experience behind us.


We accompany you in every step, document and requirement necessary for our clients to simplify the processes and exceed their expectations. 

Packing and crating

We help organize the packing and take care of the way your belongings are packed for safe transportation. 

Loading and unloading

We take care of the loading and unloading of your belongings from door to door.


We place your belongings in the right place and even more, so that you and your family can start a new life as you deserve.

Strategic allies

Moving with pets

Take your furry friend with you, we have an export partner in pet travel.

Moving with plastic works

You don’t know how to carry the painting you love so much, we make custom-made crates for your most fragile belongings.

Oversized furniture

If you have oversized furniture, we have experts to perform the proper handling if you live on a high floor or difficult to access.

What is an  international move?

When you plan to move to another country and want to take your house with you, you should know how to pack your most valuable belongings, what regulations and documents you need in the country of origin and destination, and what method of transportation best suits your needs.

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